IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective April 25, 2022, E&M Logistics will be operating as the New York Metro Division of GlacierPoint Enterprises. To learn more about GlacierPoint Enterprises, please click here: | Press Release

E&M Footprint

We are New York’s Coolest.

We are New York’s Coolest.

We cover all five boroughs of Metro New York (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island), as well as all of Long Island and Westchester County. From the Lighthouse at Montauk Point to the steps of the New York Stock Exchange, if you are enjoying one of Häagen-Dazs’ world famous dark chocolate covered popsicles, E&M’s team brought it to you. We continue to grow as new retail chains open, our current base expands, and quality products are successfully introduced and added to the offering. No matter how we expand, our dedication to outstanding customer satisfaction and total vendor support will never waver.

Our Commitment

At E&M, our commitment is to our three core pillars:


Maintaining a healthy, safe, inclusive, and professional workplace.

Our employees are what make the E&M family special. Ensuring their safety and well-being is a constant priority in the E&M operating environment.


The complete satisfaction of our vendor partners.

We are in constant contact with all of our vendors and supply partners to make sure we are meeting every one of their expectations. We have systems in place to provide accurate, timely and actionable feedback from the marketplace in real-time that empowers refinement of their product positioning and messaging.


Total fulfillment of our customers’ needs.

The Metro New York and Long Island markets are dynamic, demanding, and in constant motion. It is literally the market that never sleeps. As such, E&M is on call to respond to all of our customers’ requests to address store-specific or chain-wide challenges. We can be relied upon to create and deliver customized solutions that improve sell-through and optimize store success.

Quality and Service

Quality and Service

As a DSD wholesale distributor — and beyond just the delivery of the products — E&M has a specialized team that is responsible for continually stocking, maintaining, and seasonally re-setting products on the shelf-space of our retail customers. We provide experienced guidance in creating visually appealing displays of the array of premium brands we deliver. In addition to our unparalleled efficiency as a DSD leader, E&M also offers refrigeration units for our customers, along with experienced maintenance experts and certified repair technicians.