IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective April 25, 2022, E&M Logistics will be operating as the New York Metro Division of GlacierPoint Enterprises. To learn more about GlacierPoint Enterprises, please click here: | Press Release

About Us

E&M’s Mission

E&M’s Mission

To efficiently and reliably deliver the finest products to the strongest chains and never be noticed by the actual end-consumer.


E&M’s Mission

New York’s Coolest.

Under pressure, never wavering, always delivering — E&M will never allow a freezer to stand empty.

Why E&M Logistics

Because we deliver a full spectrum of the world’s finest food products and have a constant willingness and capacity to broaden our offering, while never sacrificing our focus on reliability and follow-through. Partnering with the world’s favorite brands and executing via our network of strategically located facilities and transportation centers, we strive to remain the country’s top distributor for ice cream and more.