IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective April 25, 2022, E&M Logistics will be operating as the New York Metro Division of GlacierPoint Enterprises. To learn more about GlacierPoint Enterprises, please click here: | Press Release


New York’s

Under pressure, never wavering, always delivering — E&M will never allow a freezer to stand empty.

Who We Are


E&M Logistics is one of the nation’s largest distributors of ice cream, frozen food, and specialty beverages. Based in the Bronx borough of New York City, E&M prides itself on a commitment to unwavering customer satisfaction and a long and successful history of servicing the competitive and fast-paced Metro New York area, including all of Long Island.

Vendor Partnerships

Because we carry an array of the finest premium brands in the world, such as Häagen-Dazs, Nestlé, Dolly Madison, DiGiorno, and Blue Bunny, our customers know they can rely on our dedication to support their sales platforms. We maintain a close and collaborative relationship with our vendor partners that maximizes their ability to consistently reach their customer base in a manner that elevates the entire purchase experience.

E&M’s offerings also include packaged refrigerated foods, juices, and milk, as well as shelf-stable beverages such as Perrier, San Pellegrino and Nesquick. New products and brands are continually under review by the E&M Team for inclusion in our distribution system.

What truly sets E&M apart is our unparalleled ability to service one of the most complex and dynamic markets in the world with a select offering of premium products. Many of our employees have received national and regional recognition for their annual sales performance.


Dedicated To Customer Service

We are a passionate and cohesive team that accepts nothing less than exceptional and incredibly responsive service for our customers in every single interaction.

E&M’s mission to satisfy our customers is why we offer such a wide variety of services, including pre-sale for larger chains, tele-sales for smaller businesses, and pack-n-pedal for same-day service solutions.

We have a fully committed team of DSD merchandisers with extensive industry experience in maintaining in-store displays, POP platforms, and freezer asset arrays. We are also uniquely positioned to provide small freezers or custom units upon request that ensure a simple, yet organized product display.

E&M routinely goes above and beyond to accommodate customer needs, whether by providing preferred delivery dates or helping acquire desired products. Not only do we strive to please, we work hand in hand with customers to accomplish their goals, furthering and strengthening our relationships every step of the way.